2023 REACT DC Volunteer Form فورم داوطلبانه - ری اکت دی سی
Thank you for offering to volunteer with REACT DC! Please complete this form so that we can learn a little more about you/your organization to best match you with a volunteer opportunity.
از اینکه پیشنهاد دادید با REACT DC داوطلبانه کارکنید متشکریم! لطفاً این فرم را تکمیل کنید تا بتوانیم کمی بیشتر در مورد شما/سازمانتان بیاموزیم تا بهترین فرصت را برای شما ایجاد کنیم.
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What is your first name? اسم شما چیست؟ *
What is your last name? تخلص شما چیست؟ *
What is your phone number? نمبر تیلیفون شما   *
Where did you hear about us?       از کجا درباره ما شنیده اید؟ *
Are you registering as an individual or as a Group Leader on behalf of an organization?آیا به عنوان یک فرد یا به عنوان رهبر گروه از طرف یک سازمان ثبت نام می کنید؟ *
If registering as a Group Leader, what is the name of your organization? در صورت ثبت نام به عنوان رهبر گروه، نام سازمان شما چیست؟
In which city do you live? (This will help us better match you with opportunities in your region)شما در کدام شهر زندگی میکنید؟ (این به ما کمک می کند تا شما را با فرصت های موجود در منطقه خود بهتر مطابقت دهیم) *
Are you able to use your own vehicle for transporting items for home set ups? آیا می توانید از وسیله نقلیه خود برای حمل و نقل وسایل منزل/تنظیمات خانه استفاده کنید؟
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Are you open to accompanying individuals/families to help them get to know the area? i.e., libraries, grocery stores, schools, etc. آیا آماده هستید تا افراد/خانواده ها را کمک کنید تا با محیط و منطقه مانند (کتابخانه, مارکیت های مواد خوراکی/غذایی, مکت وغیره) آشنا شوند؟
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Are you able to use your own vehicle to transport people to appointments? آیا می توانید از وسیله نقلیه شخصی خود برای انتقال افراد به  اپاینمنت یا قرارملاقات استفاده کنید؟ *
* Submission of Driver's License and Insurance for Comprehensive Transport Coverage
If you are considering utilizing your vehicle for the transportation of both individuals and household goods, we kindly request that you provide us with a copy of your valid driver's license and insurance documentation. This step is essential to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved, as well as to guarantee proper coverage for any potential incidents. Your cooperation in submitting these documents will help us maintain a reliable and secure environment for transportation services, giving both you and your passengers peace of mind during the journey.
Are you able to volunteer time and expertise to any of the following in-house departments?
Are you able to assist job seekers with resume writing/editing?
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Are you available during the Monday-Friday or only weekends? آیا در روزهای دوشنبه تا جمعه یا فقط آخر هفته ها در دسترس هستید؟ *
Do you speak any of the following languages? آیا به یکی از زبان های زیر صحبت می کنید؟ *
Would you be interested in serving as a translator?
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Anything else you'd like to add?                                            موضوع دیگری که می خواهید اضافه کنید؟  
*Background Check Disclaimer
Please be advised that all prospective volunteers at REACT DC are required to undergo background checks as part of our commitment to ensuring a safe environment. We strongly recommend using the services of www.sterlingcheck.com for this purpose. Kindly note that while we recommend SterlingCheck, the choice of background check provider remains at the discretion of the individual volunteer. The results will be handled confidentially and utilized solely for assessing volunteer eligibility. By choosing to volunteer with REACT DC, you implicitly agree to comply with this background check requirement. Thank you for your dedication to the safety and well-being of our community.
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