IHSPA Membership Form
School data will be available in the IHSPA directory on the organization's membership page (http://ihspa.net/membership). Names and emails are not made public. Updates to the data will be made on the website regularly.

If any of your membership data changes during the year, please contact IHSPA with the update, especially if there is a change to contact information or enrollment size. Those fields that are not applicable to your school and/or student media program should be left blank.

*Once the data form is submitted, schools should process payment by using the fillable invoice found at http://ihspa.net/forms-central*

Please email ihspa@franklincollege.edu with any questions/concerns.
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Please provide the following information about all student publications available at your respective school.
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Please provide your electronic signature and select today's date to complete this form. Submission of this form signifies your agreement to pay those applicable fees in a timely manner by using the IHSPA invoice found at http://ihspa.net/forms-central. Membership expires Sept. 1 of each year.
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