RETIRED! Join/Launch the 'Emerging Centers' Track of the People Network
Please instead complete the general form for joining the People Network, where you can identify multiple tracks to join:
First Name
Last Name
Email to join the Emerging Centers track Google Group email list (we'll make sure you're also part of the People Network list).
Institution (i.e. university, agency, etc.)
Organization (i.e. center, department, etc.) within the Institution
How would you characterize your research CI-providing center/organization? (select any/all that apply)
What services do you provide?
For some of the below items, it may be appropriate to NOT select any of the options in the columns.
Already provide
Working on It
Would like to provide in the future
Computing systems
Container for research computing
Containers/virtual servers for other purposes (websites, etc.)
Workforce Development/Training/Workshops
Analytics and Visualization Services/Consulting
Data Science Services/Consulting
AI/ML services/consulting
Data Transfer - Networking/ScienceDMZ
What services do/will you provide that we didn't ask about in the previous question?
How often should we have virtual meetings?
What Discussion Topics are Most Interesting to You?
Please select 5-10 topics that are most important to you in the first column. For each of those topics, please consider whether you could at least facilitate a group discussion on that topic. Our success will depend on our ability to engage our members to drive discussion content.
I am most-likely to join such a discussion.
I could facilitate/coordinate this discussion.
Finding funding for initiatives
Recruiting technical expertise
Recruiting leadership/management/consulting/training expertise
Communication with faculty/PIs
Communication with campus leadership (CIO/VPR/Deans)
Training/workforce development
Developing policies for services
Governance - resources, staff, stakeholders
Leveraging external resources (OSG, XSEDE, DOE, Cloud)
Funding models: base, cost-recovery, external, private partners, etc.
Conferences and professional development
Working with funding agencies
Balancing roles (leadership/technical/interpersonal)
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