2021 Potomac Vegetable Farms Field Trip Request Form
We will follow up with you in the next week to confirm your field trip. Note that filling out this form with your desired date is not a confirmation of your tour. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance if possible. You can email Becky@potomacvegetablefarms.com with any questions.
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If you are flexible on when you are able to come out, please put your first choice of date and time down below and add any additional days and times in the last question. Below is a link to our live schedule to view our open slots. Copy and paste the link below into a search engine to view our open slot times and dates. Please view this before filling out this answer so you know when we are available: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zqMGh3BWoeH_0lkBBH9qHHKIPMKOHvBd7lWtqzO6STI/edit?usp=sharing
How will you be arriving? Due to recent construction we do not have space for school buses to stop or turn around unless they are very short buses. *
Anything else you would like to add? Look for a confirmation email from Becky at Becky@potomacvegetablefarms.con and Email her with if you haven't heard back from us within a week. Thank you!
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