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We are proud to collaborate with Dr. Chew Wuei Chong in providing online 1-on-1 psychology tutorial to help psychology students improve their academic achievements. Dr. Chong was an experienced tutor that specializes in a personalized client-focused setting. He has previously worked as a tutor during his student days as he was undertaking his Ph.D. studies in University of Otago and has tutored people from multiple walks of life, including those with various disabilities. Also with his passion and patience in teaching, he was being awarded as "Tutor of the Year" in 2012 in University of Otago. Some of the basic psychology subjects that are provided: research methods, applied psychology, biopsychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology. He also provides a more intensive course on statistics and research methods.

Awards and Achievements
- Tutor of the Year (Disability Information and Support), 2012
- The University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship , 2007
- Otago Scholarship in Science from University of Otago, 2006
- Division of Science Summer Research Bursary (2005-2006).
- Staff Award in Statistics from University of Otago, 2005
- The Otago- Higher Education Learning Center (HELP) Institute Scholarship, 2003
- Top Achiever Award from HELP, 2002, 2003
- Student Tutor & Mentor, HELP Institute, Malaysia, 2002-2003

Pricing for Online 1-on-1 Psychology Tutorial:
Bachelor Degree Level: 30 USD/hour
Master Degree Level: 60 USD/hour

6 simple steps for Online 1-on-1 Tutorial:

1. Sign-up
2. Receive confirmation email
3. Follow payment instructions in the email (Paypal)
4. Receive online receipt
5. Schedule Pre-tutorial session (10 minutes) with Dr. Chong. (To discuss what subjects to be covered in actual session)
6. Schedule actual 1-on-1 online tutorial session with Dr. Chong.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us at

FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL (Correlation & Regression)
Here you go! A free video tutorial on Correlation & Regression by Dr. Chong
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