Experience: Parkour 101
THANK YOU and Welcome to the Registration Form for the TRY AN EXPERIENCE. It is a new type of service in our growing Experience platform which you basically book TRY AN EXPERIENCE in ONE DAY.

We have another unique experience you can try called PARKOUR or FREE RUNNING.

Parkour can be defined as the practice of moving logically and creatively through a – typically – urban setting to get from a start point to an end point as quickly as possible.

We will be training with the FOUNDERS of PARKOUR in the Philippines.

You will learn:
⁃“Constant Flow” Combination of Parkour Skills in one flow and speed.
⁃“Urban Tarzan” Mastering the Quadrupedal Movements with obstacles.
⁃“Tips for Flips” Experience the flips/Challenge your flips.
⁃“Parkour Techs” In-depth techniques of each skill in Parkour.
⁃“Parkour Conditioning” Mental and Physical exercises to boost your movements.

Time: 7AM- 11AM

What you need:
1. Comfy running shoes
2. Loose pants or jogging pants
3. Extra shirts
4. Water bottle
5. Some snacks in case you need the sugar rush.

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Still unsure? Check out this amazing video of one of our Parkour Experience with the Masters
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