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Elite online coaching is an application only, in depth 12-week process. To apply you will go through several questions and have a phone call with a coach. After which, the coach will decide if this is a good solution for you to reach your goals and to achieve what you have in mind.

Step 1: Fill in Application Form (You are here)
Step 2: Logan will contact you to schedule a call with a coach

Please note: You are eligible for trainer/client confidentiality and what you put on this form is between you and I only. The more honest and vulnerable you are to these questions, the more I will be able to help you. I've trained women for 7+ years and have heard everything under the sun. You will not surprise me and I will not judge you. I promise 🤗

Fill out this form with as much detail as possible so that I can learn more about you and your goals to create the best program possible.

Note: If you don't fill this out - or give few word answers - your application and strategy call will be cancelled.

Important: When you are done, Logan will be notified and will contact you within 24 hours.
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Name *
First and last name
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Cell Phone Number *
Full 10 digit phone number please. I will use this number to text you reminders and call you for our meeting.
Occupation *
Your Facebook or Instagram profile name
(It's easiest if you add a link. If not, you can send a friend request on FB to Logan Cobb or send a message to me on instagram @locobb12
Describe your INJURY/HEALTH history (In as much detail as possible) *
Do you have an ongoing injury or past surgery that plays a major role in your capabilities of working out?
In as much detail as possible, tell me about your fitness journey and what you've tried before? (Diets, gym, fads, online programs, personal trainers) *
Describe your personal roadblocks (in as much detail as possible) *
What/who keeps you from reaching your goals and maintaining those goals.
What's your biggest fitness goal and why is that important to you? (in detail) *
Value of Success: when you reach your goal, what would change for you or those around you? *
Have you tracked how many calories you intake before or do this currently? (Writing "no" here is okay) *
most people never make it this far.Just a few more questions.

There are limited slots for new clients each month to work with me, and I select applicants based on those we feel are best fit, with that said...
The attention and dedication I give a client is high because of the standards I place on them and the efforts they bring. Being as honest as possible, are you the type of person who shows up and does the work required of you? Or is complaining your second job? *
Due to the extreme customization of this program, it does require a reasonable investment above that of a generic online fitness program, diet plan, or membership, which one of these best describe you...
Your answer does NOT change the price of the program, I want to simply understand your financial situation and willingness to make your goals a reality.
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Time on my calendar is precious, will you let me know that you cannot make a slot in advance?
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Thank you, Logan will contact you within 24 hours. If not, please email info@thefitnesslife.net
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