Chart Crushers Membership
- Highly active/supportive chat
- High probability trade ideas
- CC Position size calculator bot
- Charts & Updates
- Altcoins Fundamentals
- A free copy of MANAGE YOUR RI$K (risk management book)
- Educational resources (videos/PDFs)
- Daily news
- CC Weekly newsletter

👉 Directions 👈
1. Send BTC equivalent of the dollar amount to 1MSqfz2ALHgKp7VU9jd7tZCRdAU1A4UvBV
Send ETH equivalent of the dollar amount to 0x3EBAaBF37282a3251BDdb3cacCdCb8Fd6c2E1091

Important: Transaction fees are NOT included in price. Account for them when calculating payment.

2. Submit this form
3. If you have not already done so, register on
4. After payment is confirmed/processed and your website registration is completed, send a Telegram message to @CrushersAdmin
- include a screenshot of your payment from your personal wallet/exchange account

📌Please Note: Membership fees are non-refundable. This is a private learning community. We are not in the business of providing financial advice and do not manage funds for others. All opinions expressed are for educational purposes only. We expect our members to respect the privacy of the group. Information provided is for members ONLY. If found sharing private community information, you will be blocked and removed from the group immediately. All fees will be forfeited regardless of any membership time remaining.
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