Urban Ed Pathway Application 2018-2019
As an Urban Education Scholar, you will (1) Engage deeply in urban and educational issues (2) Be part of an active cohort of inspired, curious undergraduate students (3) Learn, grow, and affect positive change for children, the community and the world! Join us today in making a difference!

The Pathway is a multi-year program that begins with the foundational year. In this first year, students participate in three experiences, and you must satisfactorily complete all three to become a Scholar:
- fall orientation sessions held at Smith College
- a full-time (school day) internship during the January intersession
- a spring seminar (1 credit) at Smith College: EDU 201, which is held Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30; it is an 8-week course (half-semester)

All applicants must attend an interview. Details and interview location options will be included in an email once we receive your application.

Final Application deadline is October 15, 2018.
* Smith Students: Contact jdilorenzo@smith.edu
* Amherst, Hampshire, MHC & UMass Students: Contact julie@teachwesternmass.com

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