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By filling out this form you are only requesting to have your assignment evaluated. This is not a commitment or agreement for work to begin. You will be contacted at the provided email address or via Skype (preferred) with any necessary alterations or additional information required prior to final approval.
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If you prefer us to continue communicating with someone other than yourself, please include their email address and their relation to you here.
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This description does not have to include full details for now. This is only to best assign you a VA who excels in the work you will ask them to preform. You will be required to provide exact details and/or supporting documents and information once you have direct contact with your VA.
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This is a simple estimate. You may also enter an "allowance of hours" if you would like to acquire a VA on a continual part time or full time basis. Enter "open" if you are unsure or want your VA to provide you a quote. If you are only interested in your VA working a specific amount of hours on one specific task, please enter that amount with the word "firm". You will be advised if their recommended hours differs prior to your work beginning.
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This is the best method of direct communication between you and your assigned VA. Please include your Skype address and accept their invitation to chat once they have sent it.
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This is the mandatory method used for your billing and payment. If you do not have a Paypal account you will not be able to continue with our service.
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