For dietitians with businesses
Hi, I'm Sarah Almond Bushell, an award winning paediatric dietitian with a multi 6 figure nutrition business and I coach and mentor other dietitians in business strategy.

I've put together this questionnaire as I'd love to understand more about where you are in your business so that I can create really helpful content to help you.
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Do you consider yourself *
How do you generate income from your business? *
Are you happy with your earnings? *
Tell me in a few words what is your vision or big goal for your nutrition business? *
What part of your business make you feel empowered, that you are performing at your best? *
In order to be able to build a business that grows rather than coasts, you can implement simple proven strategies. What strategies are you applying at the moment for business growth? *
Describe your ideal working week. Would you work just a few hours each day? Travel the world? Take school holidays off? Describe what that would look like. *
If I had a magic wand, to fix one thing in your business, what would it be? *
What have you tried in the past that hasn't worked? *
What do you think is stopping you from fixing that problem yourself *
Can you share 3 areas of your business where you feel stuck but you know you are meant for more? describe what the impact has been for each. *
If you were already aware of my dietetic business coaching before today, what is it that makes me different to the other business coaches out there?
What would you be prepared to invest in to create the results you desire? *
What business topics would you like me to cover so I can help you grow your business? *
Are there values you can see in me that connect with you the most? *
Who are the other business coaches you follow online *
What form of content do you enjoy consuming the most? *
What type of content do you enjoy the most? *
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