Cultural Democracy & Representation in the Performing Arts Survey
The Brooklyn Commune’s Cultural Democracy and Representation Team, led by Kyoung H. Park, has designed this artist survey to invite artists to share their experiences working in the field in order to open up public discussions regarding diversity and inclusion in the performing arts. Our team will synthesize our findings and share these interviews and our findings online.
How do you identify yourself?
feel free to use as many descriptors, hyphenates, neologisms, etc.
Does your identity influence or inform your work? In what ways?
Be specific - do you intentionally make work about your identity, does your identity influence (positively or negatively) the reception of your work?
Do you face challenges in the field that you believe to be based on your identity?
These can be aesthetic, funding, presenting opportunities, network and community-building, access to resources or other.
Where do you (or can you) locate representations of your identity, culture or community within contemporary performance?
Do you believe that your cultural identity [community] has been (or is) underrepresented in the performing arts? In what ways?
Have you experienced moments when your cultural identity [community] has been misrepresented in performance? How have you addressed this?
Have you been a working artist in another culture [community]? Describe that experience
If you have worked in other cities/regions what has your experience been compared to NYC?
What is the ideal scenario in which your work would be supported, presented and received?
What other thoughts, ideas, questions or proposals would you like to see addressed as part of this research?
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