SUSUtv Membership Contract 2019/20
This contract is for the protection of SUSUtv, its members and Southampton University Students' Union. This contract is valid until such a time the member leaves SUSUtv, or an updated version becomes available. The maximum validity of this contract is August 2022.

I, the undersigned, agree to the following terms and conditions:

•All material I produce using SUSUtv equipment must be uploaded to the SUSUtv YouTube/Facebook pages and not any personal accounts.

•I shall ensure that I use all equipment responsibly and correctly and that it is, after use, packed away in its correct place. This includes charging batteries and formatting memory cards.

•I will ensure that anything that I find not to be in working order I report to a member of the committee.

•I will ensure any material I produce reflects a responsible attitude towards drinking. Whilst filming, I will not endorse any illegal activities such as drug taking or theft.

•The collection and return of studio keys to and from the Students' Union reception shall be my responsibility. I accept that a fine of £10 will be charged for lost keys.

•I give SUSUtv permission to use any content I make in the production of station promotional material and award entries.

•I shall treat the studio as a professional workplace and respect the needs of others who are also working there.

•I shall remember that when I am filming, I am representing SUSUtv and will behave in a manner accordingly.

•I will ensure that my material will not contain any content that is potentially libellous or damaging to SUSUtv.

•If I assist in crewing one of SUSUtv's commercial projects, I will adhere to all demands made by the client which have been agreed in their individual contract.

•I shall only use equipment that I have booked out using the studio sign-out sheet and the Google Calendar.

•I shall refer to the Operations Guidelines manual in the studio and adhere to its code of conduct.

•I agree to attend a training session with a member of the SUSUtv committee before using the SUSUtv equipment such as cameras and microphones.
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