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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will help us to fine-tune innovative business models for the modern day entrepreneur. Please consider your current business practices and goals when completing each section.
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1. How Long has your company been operating/in existence? *
2. What is your position/title and core job function? *
3. What "problem" does your company solve for it's clients? *
4. How do you currently market/generate interest in your services? *
5. In what areas does your company operate "Very WELL?" *
6. In what areas is your company most challenged? *
7. In what areas do YOU as a leader need the most support? *
8. How many NEW Leads/Prospective clients does your business generate each month? *
9. Do you currently offer prospective clients (leads) a free consultation? *
10. What is your typical turnaround time for responding to prospective clients (leads)? *
11. Do you have a clear and active sales funnel for prospects from Lead/Consultation to Sale and Relationship management? *
12. What is the price range of your lowest priced, single service? *
13. What is the price range of your lowest priced, packaged service? *
14. Would you find value in partnering with a service that creates exposure for your business while providing qualified leads based on your services and offers? *
15. What would you expect to pay (per lead) for a service of this nature? *
16. What would you expect to pay (per month) for a service of this nature? *
17. Would you prefer to contract this service on a monthly basis OR would you prefer to pay for each lead generated? Why? *
18. Would you consider creating packaged service offers to attract more client leads? Why or Why Not? *
19. What high value, service or package would you be willing to offer for no more than $100? *
20. Do you currently have a marketing budget for the next 6 months? *
21. How long does it typically take you to make a purchasing decision for your business growth? *
22. Many thanks for your time!! Would you like to learn more or receive an update on the results of this survey? *
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