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Hello lovely!

Welcome to the sign up for pattern testing my first collection of Size Inclusive Sewing Patterns!

Please take the time to fill in the following Google Form as accurately as you can. I need a range of sizes and sewing abilities to test all patterns before release so don't be afraid to tell the whole truth on both counts.

This is the sign up form for the  Skadi Quilted Vest Pattern. 

If your application is successful for this test you will receive an email confirmation with the official pattern test start and end dates.. You will get 4 weeks to complete the pattern test. 
The start date for this test is Monday the 15th of January which means that feedback and photos will be due on Wednesday the 14th of February. Again, this will  be confirmed in the email. 

2. Skadi Quilted Vest
A great layering piece to accompany statement sleeves, the Skadi quilted vest is a cropped length vest with front closure or side closure options. Full instructions are provided on how to create your own quilted fabric or you can upcycle a quilt or use pre-quilted fabric. 

Size Selection
Start with your upper bust/chest measurement to choose your vest size.

My block has a broader back than the average pattern so the difference between the high and full chest is only part of the story. You should also measure your back (pit to pit) and if your back is smaller you will either need to size down overall and do a bust adjustment or stay at the same size but do a narrow back adjustment.

This pattern is a boxy fit so it may not matter too much in the end anyway.

X chest is for a straight fit with no feminine bust shaping.

P5 Chest is for a bust projection of 5cm and P10 is for a bust projection of 10cm. These are usually referred to as a B and D cup.
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The Skadi Vest
The Skadi Vest
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At Amy of Melbourne, we are keen to represent all bodies and want to give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself and how you identify yourself. If you feel comfortable, please tell us about you.
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If you have accessibility issues that could be assisted by clothing modifications, we would love feedback on this so we can give options if and when possible.
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Do you agree to complete sewing in the required time as given at the beginning of the pattern test? *
Do you agree to complete feedback for the pattern test by the date agreed to at the commencement of the pattern test? *
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I would love to have high quality photos of pattern testers garments that I can use on social media and my website to advertise my patterns. I cannot financially compensate for this at this time so it would be voluntary. Please let me know when you send me your pictures if you consent to them being used publicly. You may have some fit photos that are just to help me and some that you are super proud of that I can share and that would be super awesome too!
Copyright, privacy and sharing *
I have worked incredibly hard on these patterns and, as much as I want the world to see them, I don't want my work given away, plagiarized or stolen. 
Do you agree to keep all patterns and instructions as well as pictures private until after the official launch AND not distribute patterns or instructions at any time?
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