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Join us in helping community builders share their stories, learn form each other, and reach a greater audience. By writing for CBB, you are giving back to the great communities that exists on the interwebs and providing a great service to the myriad community builders that work tirelessly to support these communities.

Becoming a writer for us means you gain the opportunity to be seen by a large audience with potential views of over 3.5k a week. On top of that we are directly sponsored by a Discord Bot called Statbot that is in over 250k servers.
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You may respond to any or all of the following topics. Please write between 4-6 sentences and 50-150 words to the one(s) you respond to. Doing so will help us better gauge which article types may fit well with you. You will not be restricted to your choice here.
How does the media affect human thinking?
Give a brief description of the current top smartphone.
Write the first paragraph to a short story about a girl and her pet.
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