Central MN Common Roots Fest Variety Show: Drag, Burlesque, and Performing Arts Application
Thank you for your interest in performing in the 2019 Central MN Common Roots Variety show on Thursday, August 22nd. We are offering a total of 40 performance slots and performers are able to apply more than one act, but are not guaranteed more than one slot. Please fill out the application below to be reviewed for participation.

City and venue restrictions to consider while applying:

o No full nudity

o St. Cloud ordinance states that from the top of the areola to the bottom of the breast must be covered along with no full butt cheek exposure. Performers will be supplied with alternative options for costumes.

o No acts with racial slurs or cultural appropriation

o No glitter, fire, confetti, or liquids allowed on the stage. Body glitter is okay.

Performer Name:
Legal Name:
Preferred Pronouns:
Performer Email:
Performer Bio:
Performer Tagline:
Promo Photo:
Act Title:
Act Length: (must not exceed 5 min)
Link to a video of your act: please make sure your video is labeled as public
Any other notes:
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