Calcutta Skins
Register for the 2020 Calcutta, Skins game. We will offer GROSS and NET skin games for BOTH the first 18 holes and the second 9 holes.

We will WAIT to pay out skins until the tournament is done. If there are NO SKINS in the 9-hole pot, all money will be moved to the 18-hole pot and increase the skin money.

Cost is $10 per type (Gross or Net) and you can play in both for a total of $20.
With 56 entrants we should have some good cash prizes from the skins $ pool.
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We will collect money for the Skins game before, during and after the round on Saturday. Give your entry $ to Richard Koppy, Richard Brynteson, or place it in the BMGA Box in the locker room in an envelope with your name on it. This is a CASH skins please do not pay via Venmo or Paypal then Nick needs to transfer money, etc.
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