Workshop RSVP Form: White Privilege in the University (Thurs., 1/28, at 5 pm)
This is a workshop designed for union members who would like to learn (more) about white privilege, reflect on how it shows up both individually and in the university context, and brainstorm with other union members on the power of collective action to dismantle the systemic construct of white privilege.

The workshop will take place in two parts. The first half (starting at 5 pm) will be focused on developing a mutual understanding and analysis and the second half (starting at 6 pm) will delve into the application of these concepts to our individual roles within the university structure. While the second half will build on concepts from the first, the two hours will also be designed to stand alone, so feel free to attend either/both hours.

We recognize that UW is predominately white, but this workshop is not specific to white people. For this reason, there will be various options for participation within the session and we encourage anyone who is interested to attend.

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UAW 4121 Third Thursdays Anti-discrimination Workshops
UAW4121’s Anti-Discrimination Working Group is offering a series of workshops that hope to go beyond the basics of anti-discrimination 101 trainings. These modules are intended to empower Academic Student Employees (ASEs) and post-docs with the tools to reflect on, grow, and develop their anti-discrimination practice in order to influence change within themselves and promote a more inclusive, equitable, and just place for us to learn and work.

For more information and resources, visit: 
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