I understand that the trails are rustic and minimally developed, and that use of these trails may entail a risk of physical injury or death, and that I may be exposed to hazards such as, but not limited to, uneven and slippery surfaces, falling branches, high water, small and large animals, and other natural and human factors.

I understand and assume all such risks. On behalf of myself, my estate and personal representative thereof, my heirs and assigns, I hereby forever release the North Coast Land Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the state of Oregon, its officers, director, employees and agents, from any and all costs, claims, losses, liabilities or damages arising from, or in any way related to, my use of these trails and the surrounding NCLC property. I intend this release to be effective, regardless of whether the claim of liability is asserted in negligence, strict liability in tort, or other theory of tort recovery. For myself, my estate and personal representative thereof, my heirs and assigns, I covenant and agree to make no claim, nor institute any suit, action or proceedings against the Conservancy, its officers, directors, employees and agents, relating to any accident, incident or occurrence arising out of or in connection with my activities.

*If minor children (under 18 years) or disabled individuals are accompanying me, I understand and assume all risks as
described above for said individuals under my responsibility.

By signing, I also agree to abide by the posted signs while on NCLC properties. Please report any issues or concerns regarding your experience on our property to the North Coast Land Conservancy at 503-738-9126 or via email

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