Great Lakes GOSH 2019 Application Form
Please apply below to attend the Gathering for Open Science Hardware, GOSH 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

This will take place over 3 consecutive days between July 31 - August 2, 2019 with an optional follow up hackathon style event from August 3 - August 5.

Deadline for applications is May 31, 2019 and we will send out invitations to join the event by June 6.

Application criteria:
We're looking for people who are actively engaged in open hardware for science as developers, designers, users, inventors, tinkerers and thinkers who can contribute to growing the community and movement. This event is for people working in all different forms of science, from citizen and community science to academic research and industrial R&D to biohacking. Let us know who you are, why you want to attend, and your vision for OSH below! We will select a combination that will best represent the diversity of projects in the OSH movement.

International applicants:
While this is a locally focused event and pretty low budget, in the spirit of retaining connections in the Global Open Science Hardware community we will take a small number of international applicants, so please apply!

Note on GL GOSH 2019 size:
GOSH 2018 will be limited to approximately 80 people.

Note on GL GOSH 2019 demographic goals:
In the application form we are asking about demographics because we are working to make GOSH 2019 equitable*, reflective of both the broader movement and of the Great Lakes area, and a mix of past GOSHers and people new to GOSH. To this end, the demographic goals of GL GOSH 2019 are (overlaps are possible):
- Local (Toronto area) - 25% of attendees
- Great Lakes area - 37.5% of attendees
- International (not North America, ideally representing several different parts of the world) - 6.25% of attendees
- Women, Trans or gender non-conforming: 52% of attendees
- Person of color, indigenous: 33% of attendees
- Unaffiliated, community-based organization/NGO: 33% of attendees
- New GOSHers (haven't attended previous GOSH event) - 62.5% of attendees

* What do we mean by equitable? Check out this visual reference to equality vs. equity:

Please contact with any queries.
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