Community Service Group Document 2019-2020
Please use this form to list EACH community service activity you complete for any of these DHS organizations: Early College Honors Program, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Student Government, or Key Club.
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First name *
Date of Activity *
Please select the term for which you are using these hours. *
BRIEFLY describe your community service activity. *
How many hours did you serve? (Remember your club or organization's specific requirements before answering this question.) *
What club or organization are you using this activity for? (Check all that apply.) *
Is there any other information we need to know? If so, please describe here.
If you selected more than one club or organization for your answer above, please describe how you will using your hours. For example, you might have completed 6 hours and want to use these hours for both Key Club and Beta Club. If so, you would need to explain how many hours you will use for Key Club and how many hours you will use for Beta Club in the space listed below.
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