QuickBooks Accounting Software Training
QuickBooks Accounting Software Training

QuickBooks software helps you manage your organisation finances quickly, easily & accurately - with familiar forms, a built-in Audit Trail and step-by-step guidance when you need it. QuickBooks helps you to create professional-looking custom documents and financial reports

QuickBooks uses familiar forms - not complex journals - to make it easier for you to switch from manual book-keeping to QuickBooks. And because QuickBooks does the calculations for you & reduces data-entry, you can trust that your books are accurate. Always-on Audit Trail helps you find, correct & prevent errors. Step-by-step approach walks you through critical tasks.

QuickBooks accounting system has:
1) Ability to track income from different sources.
2) Ability to track expenses by activity/cost centres, nature of expense for both budgeting and reporting.
3) Capacity to handle more than one operational bank account should there be such management requirements.
4) Ability to produce reports comparing actual income and expenses incurred to the budgeted income and expenses for the particular period in question for each cost centre and also consolidated.
5) Ability to enter budget figures as per department, cost centres depending on your budgeting requirements
6) For reporting purposes, ease of export to Excel or Word and subsequent customisation to fit different management needs.
7) Capability that allow for multiple users and password access, and that periods can be closed for amendment after they have been reconciled.
8) Backups and restoring of data as required

1) Trial Balance
2) Balance Sheet (summary, detail and previous year comparison
3) Profit and Loss (summary, detail, by project, by cost centre, by department, by income source, year to date and even previous year comparison)
4) Statement of Cash Flows
5) Cash Flow Forecasts
6) Budget Reports (Budget vs. Actual analysis, Budget vs. Actual graph, P&L Budget performance
7) Expenses by Supplier (summary and detail)
8) Income by Customer (summary and detail)
9) Debtors Listing/Accounts Receivable Ageing and Graph
10) Creditors Listing/Accounts Payable Ageing and Graph
11) Bank Reconciliation (summary and detail)
12) Sales (by Item and by supplier)
13) Purchases (by Item and by supplier)
14) Stock reports
15) Currency revaluation reports

A payroll module is not mandatory, as this can be maintained in Excel and a journal passed every end of month to capture the payroll liabilities and related expenses.

Genuine Quickbooks software licenses (Desktop and Online) are available at Zaddock Associates, we also provide installation, customisation, set up services. We offer after sales service including support in trouble shooting.

Training Fee: Ugx400,000 for all the 5 sessions. Payments must be done before attending the sessions

Duration : 5 sessions of 2 hours each

Venue: Zoom

Time: 10am to 12pm

Date: Saturdays: 7th Nov - 5th Dec (10am -12pm)
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