PHP Developer - Internship
We’re looking for an ambitious developer who is skilled, passionate about his work, eager to develop for UpscaleHype and shake up the fashion industry. This is a great opportunity to be part of a fast growing company and make a huge impression on the fashion community. is an online magazine that covers celebrity fashion and high-end lifestyle news. Founded in 2008, UpscaleHype has grown to become one of the most influential celebrity fashion sources.

Our requirements are:

-You’re punctual and can meet deadlines.

-You’re very good with PHP.

-You’re very good with WordPress.

-You’re very good with HTML and CSS.

-You’re very good with JavaScript/jQuery.

-You have the ability to write clean, modular, robust code, test, and debug.

-You have good problem solving skills.

-You have good communication skills.

-You have a positive attitude and work well with others.

-You’re self-motivated.

-You’re available to begin immediately.
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