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If interested in a review copy of my title HOW TO HEAL A LIFE, use the form below to request a free e-book. By doing so, you agree to post an honest review to at least one of the following sites: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google Play, and to let me know when the review is posted. If you're requesting a copy to review on a blog, please include the blog's link below.

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1) Requesting a free book for review does NOT require you to leave a positive review. Reviews should be your honest reaction to the book.
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6) You may skip reviewing any book you receive if you do not enjoy the book and prefer not to post negative reviews or if you are unable to read the book and/or post a review for any reason.
7) However, if you skip leaving reviews for too many of the free e-books you receive, we reserve the right not to send you future e-books. This is not meant to penalize those of you who do not enjoy the books, but to deter people from asking for free books when they have no intention of offering reviews in return.
8) To be counted as valid for future participation, a review must be posted to the book's public product page online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google Play. Of course the review is your intellectual property, and you may also post it to any other sites or blogs that you wish.
9) Reviews do NOT need to be posted in English on non-English bookstores.

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