Gratitude Attitude
It's time for the Gratitude Attitude!! Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Other districts have been jealous of our fine staff for years and though other districts may pay better, so many have remained because they Love Jeffco! So, SJK wants you to help with Gratitude Attitude! Nominate any staff member to receive recognition. They can be teachers, principals, Ed Center staff, bus drivers, secretaries, electricians, campus supervisors, etc. Parents, community members, and staff can all participate in nominations!

If they Support Jeffco Kids, we want to recognize them. We can't do a lot but we can show them our Gratitude Attitude with a small token of appreciation and a certificate.

We'll need your help to fund this operation. Any amount will help. You can donate to this effort here - or here -
Name of Jeffco Staff member
Where do they work?
Position or title
How does your nominee Support Jeffco Kids?
Your name
How can we contact you (in case we have questions)?
Do you know how to contact your nominee? We'll do the work but if you have a phone number or email, that will help with arrangements.
Thank you for joining Operation Gratitude! We love that you Support Jeffco Kids!
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