Kentucky Renter Power Listserv
Please fill out this form to be added to the Kentucky Renter Power listserv. Membership to this listserv is not automatic and it is not open to the public. This listserv is for renters and their advocates and allies only. By filling out this form, you are representing that you are not a landlord, you do not work for a landlord, or advocate for landlord interests in court, the community, or in Frankfort. We reserve the right to do our own research and ask further questions or seek additional assurances or commitments from anyone seeking to participate in this listserv.
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If you do renters' rights work because of an affiliation with an organization or institution, please list it/them here.
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We are requesting your address because your home address because you are the constituent of one State Representative and one State Senator. We want to know who your Representatives and Senators are because hearing from actual constituents is the most effective way to persuade legislators. This information is not required, but is deeply encouraged.
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