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來摩茲工寮辦活動 Holding Events at Mozilla Community Space Taipei
我們歡迎大家到這個空間舉辦與自由/開放文化(自由軟體、自由內容、開放資料、開放內容……)的相關活動,並且能在活動中安排時間介紹 Mozilla。我們認為的自由/開放文化活動,主題應包含(而不限於)以下方向:

* 主題為推廣開放原始碼軟體、自由軟體、開放資料、開放內容等
* 活動內容是貢獻開放原始碼軟體、自由軟體、開放資料、開放內容等
* 使用的教材、投影片、錄影檔等用開放授權(例如「創用 CC 姓名標示-相同方式分享」等)允許大眾修改、商用等
* 舉辦開放原始碼軟體、自由軟體、開放資料、開放內容等的活動之籌備會議

本場地座位約可容納 20 人、站位或無桌椅則可達 30 人以上。關於場地所提供的器材,請參考


We welcome anyone to hold events regarding Open Culture (including but not limited to FLOSS, Open Data, Free/Open contents). We will make a brief introduce about Mozilla in the beginning of your event.

The capacity for this Space is 20, or 30 without chairs and tables. For the equipment we provide, please check

活動名稱 / Event Name
Your answer
是否為收費活動 / Is this a non-charging event?
無論收取什麼名目的費用,只要有對參加者收費,請選擇「是」。If you charge attendees for any kind of fees, please select "Yes".
是否開放公開報名? / Is this a public event?
您亦可於最後的「備註」區提供報名頁網址 / Please also provide the sign-up link in the "Other Remarks" section in the end of this form.
以你們的觀點而言,本活動內容與開放文化的關聯性為何? What's the relevance between this event and Open Culture from your point of view?
請參考 ,特別注意:「免費」與「公開報名」都並非 Mozilla 關心的「開放文化」要素,僅是我們出借場地的參考。Having a "Free" and "Public" event is not what "Openness" Mozilla care about. However we would still take these into consideration.
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本次活動預期可能有什麼產出,是能夠以自由軟體 / 開放原始碼 / 創用 CC 等公眾授權條款釋出的?/ As a result of this event, is there any works can be licensed with Public Licenses such as Creative Commons or MPL?
也請一併填入預期使用的授權條款(我們偏好「不特定人能改作、能商業利用」的)。如果您不清楚什麼是自由軟體 / 開放原始碼 / 創用 CC 授權,或者希望討論一下怎樣釋出比較好,可告訴我們需求以便進一步討論。沒有可填「無」/ We prefer the license allows others to remix the work, even commercially. If you have no idea about Free/Open/Creative Commons licenses, please let us know so we can suggest one for you. Fill "None" if there's no work expected in this event.
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