Alaskan Truck Simulator Demo Survey
Thanks for playing the first demo of Alaskan Truck Simulator!

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This was our first public gameplay test, and it’s crucial for us to get your feedback and improve the full game. Please answer the questions below. And thanks for your help!

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How would you rate the demo in general? *
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How would you rate the demo’s visual presentation? *
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How would you rate the demo’s sound & music? *
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How would you rate the demo’s gameplay? *
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What were your 3 favourite things about the demo? *
What were your 3 worst things about the demo? *
How would you describe the introduction to the game and its mechanics? *
How would you describe the realism of the game’s driving model? *
Did you encounter any particular problems with controlling the truck?
Do you think the game is missing some features that a title from this genre should have? (Please mind that elements like other trucks, open world, radio, or progression will be added in the full release.)
If you would like us to improve one particular thing about the game, what would it be?
What do you think about the game’s optimization (frame rate)? *
How likely are you to recommend our game based on the demo? *
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How much would you pay for the full game? *
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