Gender Studies Concentration Survey性別研究專修課程回應表
The interdisciplinary Gender Studies Concentration (GSC) was launched by HKBU Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences during semester 1, AY2016/17.

The GSC is open to all UGC-funded HKBU students. Please help us fill in this survey if you are interested in claiming the GSC upon graduation. Thank you very much!

Please visit the GSC website for more information
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1.Have you heard of the Gender Studies Concentration before? 請問你之前有否聽過性別研究專修課程? *
2.How did you learn about the Gender Studies Concentration?(Multiple choice)你是如何得知性別研究專修課程?(可多選)
3.Have you ever taken any of the Gender Studies Concentration elective courses listed below? (Multiple choice) 你曾否修讀以下課程?(可多選) *
4.Would you be interested in taking the GSC elective courses below?(Multiple choice) 你是否有興趣修讀以下課程?(可多選) *
4.What Gender Studies Concentration courses *other* than those listed above would you be interested in taking? Feel free to offer you own suggestion(s): 除了以上所列之課程,你是否有興趣修讀其它性別研究專修之相關課程?歡迎提出建議
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5.Would you be interested in claiming the Gender Studies Concentration as a course of study? Please rate from 5 to 0.請問你有興趣修讀性別研究專修課程嗎?請由5至0選擇。 *

I understand that all information provided in this feedback form will be held confidentially and used only among staff administering the Gender Studies Concentration for the purpose of improving the programme .
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