WGR Courtesy Post Application
The dog that you are applying for is NOT related in any way to Woof Gang Rescue. This is a private individual looking to find placement for a dog that they need to re-home. Woof Gang Rescue will send contact information to the owner so that you can discuss the dog and find out if the dog is right for you and  your family.

The owner should not charge a fee more than $100

Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for this dog in any way

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Please fill out everything with your current contact information so that we can get in touch with you!
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Current Pets
Please list all pets residing in the home. Email proof of spay/neuter and vaccines to : woofgangrescue@gmail.com Attn: WGR Courtesy Post
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*Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for this dog in any way
*The owner of the dog will set up a time and place to meet
*The owner should not charge more than a $100 Re-homing fee
*Once you have taken over ownership of this dog you are now liable
*The re-homing of this dog is an agreement between the current owner and the applicant.  The current owner has the right to determine the best fit for the dog and may turn down any applicant at their own discretion
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