Google Support Form
How to fix your Chromebook yourself

These are the most common problem and fixes for the Chromebooks. Any other problems please fill out the form and bring your Chromebook into Central Office during the School Closure.

1. Chromebook wont turn on? Hold the power button for up to 30 secs. Then hold down the "Esc" and "Refresh" buttons then press the power button. A screen should come up saying put in recovery disk. Just hit the power button again, wait a sec then turn on the Chromebook again.
2. Did step one not work? Plug in the Chromebook to its charger and repeat step 1.
3. Do you have a white CTL NL6? Does it say OS is missing? to fix this turn it on, wait 30 seconds after the message appears then turn it off, wait 5 sec, then turn it on and repeat till it works. If it does not start working after 30 minutes of trying please fill out the support form.

What is your First and Last name?
What is your Grade Level?
What is your Blue Tag number?
What seems to be the problem?
What is the loner number? (For Office use only)
Please bring your device to your school for repairs
A temp Chromebook will be provided.
Thank you.
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