Gottwood 2019 - Access Requirement Form
This form outlines how to obtain a complimentary Personal Assistant (PA) pass to Gottwood Festival. In order to do so please complete the following process:

- Purchase a valid festival ticket from Resident Advisor (RA)

- Complete this form entering your personal details and ticket reference number which can be found on your RA confirmation email

- Provide information & evidence along with access requirements and supporting documents

We will endeavour to respond within 5 working days to confirm your requests and will continue communication via email if necessary.

Please note that this application process will close Thursday 23rd May 2019

Email address *
Ticket Reference Number *
Full Name *
Address *
Contact Number *
There are two ways to obtain a free ticket for a personal assistant, please refer to either sections A or B.

Section C will allow you to detail your specific needs and requirements, any additional information you can provide us with will facilitate us assisting you on site.

A) Automatic Eligibility
A photocopy / scan of one of the following documents (dated within the past 12 months if DLA / Attendance Allowance or PIP) makes you automatically eligible for the 2:1 scheme.

Please check the box next to the evidence you wish to submit:

B) Statement
We recognise that the evidence above is not definitive. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for the 2:1 ticket scheme, use the box below to state why you require a personal assistant.
C) Specific Requirements
Your application will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you have any specific access requirements that you would like us to be aware of in the box below.
Please submit your documents supporting Section A. You are also welcome to submit copies of any additional evidence that supports your application if you have any.
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