Training during the COVID-19 lockdown or movement restriction period: Knowledge, beliefs, and practices of adult athletes
The project is in collaboration with 99 researchers (including sport scientists) from 6 continents (55 countries)

Globally, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed people’s day-to-day life. The world’s sporting calendar, recreational and professional, is currently unrecognisable. Athletes have seen access to training facilities and/or the ability to even leave their homes (i.e. to run, cycle, etc.) severely restricted, if not removed entirely. This questionnaire will investigate how the lockdown [or Movement Control Order (MCO)] is affecting (or has affected) athletic training practices and how athletes are responding (have responded) to the pandemic.
Project outcomes will be used for research purposes and to inform current/future guidelines for athletes, coaches, sports scientists and (potentially) policy makers. It will reveal what has happened globally, across every inhabited continent, during the MCO relative to athletes and their training practices. Your participation will contribute to improving the current and future training of athletes.
Elite or sub-elite athletes (amateur or professional from both genders, including Para athletes) from any country that is experiencing, or has experienced, a lockdown or MCO period during the COVID-19 pandemic.
All responses will be de-identified and processed anonymously (you will not be asked to provide us with your name, ensuring total anonymity). No other identifying information, including IP address will be recorded. At the end of the study the data will be destroyed in compliance with international regulations. Precautions will be taken to control access of all data. Only authorized individuals (principal investigators) will have access to the dataset. We’re minimizing the risk of breach of confidentiality by collecting and storing the data anonymously, and by saving data with password protection. This international survey has been approved by the institutional review board of the University of Melbourne (HREC No. 2056955.1).
The results of this project will be used for scientific publications where it will not possible to identify any of the participants. To inquire about the results of the survey, please email the principal investigator.
For any inquiries, please feel free to contact the principal investigator:

Jad Adrian Washif
Sports Performance Scientist
National Sports Institute of Malaysia
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