K&D 007 Team: Teacher Donation Registration
As Realtors with Lifstyl Real Estate, Kristen & Darryl are committed to helping support the community in which they live. When we close on a home we're committed to giving a portion of our commission ($250) to help support teachers and their classrooms. We’re also now offering a guaranteed $500 rebate at closing to any teacher or Fayette County school employee who decides to use us as their realtor. We hope the more we pay it forward, the more people will support our efforts & use us as their preferred Kentucky realtors. By working with us, our clients home purchase can go further and help close the financial gap often seen in classrooms.
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We announce our awards via Facebook/Instagram and will tag you when you win, so your family and friends can celebrate with you!! Outside of the email we send, this is the best way to know that you've won.
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We ask that awarded teachers help coordinate a meeting with their principal prior to receiving the donation, so that we can inform them about our contribution and discuss how best to distribute the funds...gift card, school account, etc.
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The more homes we sell, the more classrooms we can reach! We need referrals, please provide as much contact information for potential customers as possible. If we are able to close on a home with your referrals, we will direct all donation funds from that sale to your classroom. (First & Last Name, Number, Email, Approximate Time Frame If Known)
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