Student Feedback Session W-2018
This will enable our teacher to know his/her strength and weakness as seen by you. It will help him / her improve upon his / her disabilities.
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Does the teacher comes to the class on time & take class till the end of the hour? *
How much of the syllabus was taught in class? *
Does the teacher come well prepared for the class? *
Does the teacher speaks clearly & audibly? *
Does the teacher writes/draws/showing PPT clearly? *
The teacher English, Presentation and teaching skills are *
Does the teacher give sufficient examples and solve previous examination problems in the class? *
Does the teacher dictate the notes in the class? *
Whether teacher covers the syllabus completely and at the appropriate pace? *
Teacher uses audio-visual aids/models for effective teaching? *
Does the teacher allows you to ask questions and answers it, up to your expectations? *
Does the teacher promotes the thinking ability? *
Does the teacher revise and ask questions, which are relevant to the topic discussion for your encouragement? *
Does the teacher neglect the acts of indiscipline in the class and outside the class? *
Are the Unit Tests & sessionals found challenging and Result declared within a week? *
Are the evaluation of the sheets is fair? *
Does the teacher favour some group of students while evaluating internal test books & other issues? *
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