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Dear Speaker of Data Innovation Summit 2017,

In order to have all information in one place we would like to ask you to complete this form by Monday, 27th of March.
Your presentation should tackle this year's theme is 'Using data to build a better world'.
Please acknowledge that the video of your presentation will be uploaded online after the summit.
Looking forward to your presentation!

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Ignite presentations - 20 slides - 15 sec per slide
Ignite is the name for a particular type of event that is held throughout the world—organized by volunteers—at which participants speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions according to a specific format. The event holds the motto, “Enlighten us, but make it quick!” At an Ignite event, each speaker has a time limit of five minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds.

Open format - 12 minutes
This open format is for our Key speakers. These ppt supported presentations are limited in time. Each speaker gets a move forward or backward remote. There are no possibilities to connect your own PC, presentations are send beforehand.

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