Getting the Best Deal for Redcar
In the EU referendum people in Redcar & Cleveland voted Leave (66.19% Leave, 33.81% Remain) and I respect that result. It is my job to represent local people regardless of which way you voted, so my priority now is working with you to get the best deal for Redcar in the exit negotiations.

Please help me do that by filling out the form below.

Thanks for your help,

Anna Turley MP

What should be my top priority following the referendum? *
Regardless of how you voted in the referendum, are you concerned about any of the following? *
Value of savings
Future pension arrangements
Trade with the EU
Trade with other parts of the world
Jobs and unemployment
Border control
Free movement of workers
Non-EU immigration
What approach should we take when negotiating future trade deals with the EU? *
Scotland voted to remain in the EU and now the SNP are trying to hold another referendum on independence. What do you think about this? *
Article 50 is the legal mechanism we must use to formally begin negotiations to leave the EU. When should we activate it? *
Who should be involved in the negotiations? *
Is there anything else I should be doing to secure the best deal for Redcar?
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Theresa May has been chosen by Conservative MPs to be the next Prime Minister. Do you think there should be a general election? *
How did you vote in the European Referendum? *
Here are a few additional questions - your answers will help me to represent your views effectively:
How good a job do you think am I doing as your MP? *
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Very good
Which party do you normally vote for? *
Can you help make sure Redcar gets the best post-EU deal by delivering my Parliamentary updates near where you live? *
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Anna Turley MP may contact you using details that you provide. If you do not wish to be contacted by Anna please write to her at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
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