Crispin: Cross of Lead by Avi
Book Trailer: A Quick Summary for those who forgot what happened already.
The book constantly explores the notion of what it means to be “free.” Are there different kinds of freedom presented in the book? How do you think he finally comes to define “freedom?” *
"A punctilious man, my father," Bear went on. "He paid my fees in full, gave me his hasty blessing, and walked away. I never saw him more (Avi, 83)." Based on this passage, what does "punctilious" mean? *
Since Bear almost became a monk in his early days, I thought it would be interesting to find out what a life of a monk might be like.
Do you think Bear would have been a good monk? *
There are so many fun, new words in this novel, what was your favorite?
Words are a favorite pastime of mine. I've found a word game I thought might be simple and fun. The game is called FreeRice, which donates actual rice to impoverished people around the world.
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