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Edora Automatic Door Systems currently have a significant share in your current and future growth plans. For this reason, our company needs your guidance from your opinions and thoughts, and it is very important to us. You can express all your thoughts in the scope of our "improvement and development work" while at the same time making the development of our mutual information flow and relationships with the answers we will prepare for this purpose.
Thank you for your contributions already.
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1. Through which channels do you reach our company?
2. Do you find our documents provided by our company satisfactory?
3. Are you satisfied with our sales representative's interest and visit frequency?
4. Are you satisfied with the information our sales staff give you on our products and technical support issues?
5. Did you get information about your orders quickly and accurately?
1. What is your level of satisfaction with respect to compliance with the order delivery date?
2. Are you satisfied with the shipping and assembly stages of our products?
3. Are you satisfied with our technical team's working system and communication during the installation and delivery of our products?
4. Is post-assembly training provided and is your training sufficient?
5. Did our products meet your expectations as you desire?
1. Do you carry out the necessary maintenance during the use of our products?
2. Did you request service during the warranty period?
3. Has your expectations been met with a quick return to your request?
4. Would you like to have a maintenance contract with our company for after-warranty service?
How do you find the overall performance of our company compared to the market.
Product quality
Service quality
Why do you prefer the Edora brand ? if you have anticipations and suggestions please share with us..
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