Building Community Resources for R in Supply Chain Management
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Are you a data scientist or data analyst working in supply chain management? Are you interested in joining a group of fellow practitioners and taking a leadership role in developing and promoting open source solutions in your field? Join us!

It's clear that supply chain management (SCM) is at a turning point. Recent shocks to supply chains have reverberated throughout the world economy. These motivate exploring new methods to make supply chains more resilient, responsive, and effective.

Fueled by the vast amount of supply chain data being generated daily, supply chain analytics professionals operate at the intersection of cutting-edge analytics tools, and the vital work of supply chain and logistics.
An increasing number of supply chain analytics practitioners are adopting open source software, particularly R and Python, to solve problems in SCM. However, these tools are less well known, relative to proprietary toolchains in SCM.
Working Group & Community Resource
We propose the formation of a community working group focused on developing and popularizing open source solutions for data scientists and analysts working in supply chain management.

We also propose this group start by creating a home – initially a website – which hosts resources for supply chain data scientists.

This resource should offer resources that;
- Serve learners, with introductory resources for aspiring supply chain analysts, with reproducible and well documented examples and use cases
- Serve experienced practitioners, with surveys of useful R packages and Python libraries, and announcement of the latest tooling and methods
- Serve as a community hub, with information about industry meetups, opportunities to contribute, conferences and similar events, and a process to develop new open source tooling.
Call to Action
If this is something you would be excited to participate in, please share your contact information below. We'll schedule a meeting of this working committee shortly after.
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