Application for North Carolina Green Party Affiliation and Startup Grant
This application is for affiliation with the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP). The following organizations may seek affiliation: regional chapters, campus-wide locals, and identity or youth caucuses. This form also serves as an application for the organization seeking affiliation to receive seed funding from the NCGP upon approval of affiliation by the NCGP Coordinating Committee. In order to be recognized as a local chapter, caucus, or campus-wide affiliate of the NCGP, the group must have at least 5 NCGP members and have held at least two publicly announced meetings that were announced and advertised at least a week in advance of the meetings, in addition to other affiliation requirements below.

Please visit for detailed membership information.
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What is the official name of your local chapter / organization? *
Application Contact First Name *
Contact Last Name *
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Email *
What is your title/role with the organization? *
Please list any official public websites or Facebook pages or Facebook groups or other social media sites for your organization. Please include a jpeg file of your logo if you have one. *
Please select the option that would most accurately describe the scope of your local chapter / organization. *
If not a statewide caucus, please list any counties and major cities/town(s) included in your local region. *
Please list the first and last names, email addresses, and mobile (or home) phones of all members of the NCGP who are also members (at least 5) of your local chapter / organization. *
Approximately how many current NCGP members have attended your meetings more than once? *
Give a conservative estimate of the size of your membership (people who will have attended at least two meetings a year and joined the NCGP as well) 12 months from now? *
How many publicly advertised meetings have you had so far? *
Is your group a registered political committee with the state of North Carolina with its own treasurer? Or is it a campus organization with its own treasurer? Or does your group lack a treasurer and will instead seek funding entirely by the state party? *
If your group is a registered political committee, please submit the name and contact info of your treasurer and the approximate date they completed NC State Elections Commission training.
Does your organization have bylaws? (This may not be necessary for local branches)  If so, please attach your organization's bylaws here or provide a URL where we can read them online (e.g., Google Docs). IMPORTANT: In accordance with NCGP Bylaws, it is essential that your bylaws stipulate that a member of your organization must also be an NCGP member. *
Please add any other notes or a short description of your local chapter / organization and what you will be using seed funding for,  particularly if your group is not presently closely affiliated with NCGP.
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