Introduction to GIS (Geographical Information Systems), MapFlint, and Geospatial Technology
February 17th @ 4 pm - 6:30 pm

This first of two workshops in our GIS series will introduce GIS technology and purpose by modelling a local, web-based GIS application that can also be used with students in the classroom. Participants will interact with the MapFlint application alongside University of Michigan - Flint's GIS Center Manager, Troy Rosencrants. They will then explore ways to use such applications in the classroom to answer a variety of inquiries.


1. A fifteen minute video serves as a prerequisite for this session and will be emailed one week prior to the live session.

2. Where possible, we encourage participants to print an accompanying worksheet ahead of the live session to aid in navigation.

3. Where possible, we encourage participants to join the workshop using duel screens. This is not a necessity, but may reduce technological burden during the live event.

Options to do so may include: joining the meeting to view the presentation on one device and using the MapFlint application on another device OR using a dual monitor office setup. We will also show participants how to view both on one screen if two are not possible.

4. Please plan to use a laptop or computer to interact with the MapFlint application and not a mobile device.

Participants may attend one or both sessions in this series. The second workshop, "Classroom Resources that Support Geoliteracy and Geospatial Understanding,", is scheduled for February 20th @ 9 - 11:30a.m. and requires separate registration. The second workshop assumes the participant has basic knowledge of GIS such as what is provided during this event.

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