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About Assisi Media
In 2013, we published our first book, "Waking Up Catholic." We self-published this as a side project, but it has gone on to sell over 20,000 copies and continues to rank well on Amazon as both an eBook and paperback. We are currently working on the audiobook version, as well as publishing other works in the near future.

Since that time, we have gone on to informally help others publish their works, but we noticed that many writers do not have the technical skills or background to make this happen. They struggle to publish their work, only to see a lack of sales because they do not know where to begin promoting it.

Another common writer we encounter are those that simply want to write. They have a story to tell, and do not want to spend their days focused on editing, formatting, cover design, and the other business processes involved in publishing.

We always turned these people away - until now. We want to help other authors get their work out there. You can focus on the writing, and we will do everything else. When it comes time to launch, we will work together to make your book touch as many lives as possible by utilizing your author platform and our knowledge of online marketing and advertising.

We hope to provide a different experience. Query letters that get responses in days, not months. A publishing process that takes months, not years. An editing process that is collaborative and team-oriented. A royalty share that values the work you put into your book. And a respect for the love and passion that you put into your writing.
The Query Letter and Submission Guidelines
We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Instead, provide us with a query letter detailing your work. This should include the premise of the book, the title, the proposed length, why your book stands out from the crowd, your author platform, and your qualifications to write this book.

If we are interested, we will ask you for the first 2-4 chapters of your manuscript, when they are ready.
What We Publish
Assisi Media is focused on publishing books on Catholic spirituality, primarily focused on the teachings of Sts. Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, and other Catholic mystics. Our goal is to help modern Catholics embrace the spirituality that was once the backbone of our faith. We want them to grow a more personal relationship with Jesus through spiritual practices, such as prayer and discernment.

We are not interested in books on traditional theology, apologetics, memoirs, and conversion stories. There are enough publishers already printing those. However, if your work focuses on spirituality and includes some of your personal story to give context, that is preferred. In other words, your story should reinforce the spirituality of your work, not be its primary focus.
Authors We Seek
We are looking for new voices - the fabulous writers rejected by all of the larger publishing houses. If you are passionate about spirituality and prayer, we want to work with you. Do you practice Ignatian, Franciscan, or Carmelite spirituality? We might be a good fit.

We also seek authors who have an established platform. This can be a well-established blog, social media presence, or email list. We will promote your book (probably more than the bigger guys will) but having an author platform to help launch the book is important.

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