2020 Marching Band Information
27 April, 2020

Dear New/Returning Band of Knights Member and Parent,

Welcome to the 2020 North Lincoln Band of Knights Marching Band! It is with great anticipation that we write this letter informing new and returning families about the upcoming season! This packet includes dates, schedules, information/medical forms and other very important information. Please read over this letter as a family and complete the forms included at the back of this packet. All forms (either online or hard copy) and a $100 non-refundable deposit are due to the band office by the last Friday in order to reserve your spot. Make checks payable to “NLHS Band”. If questions arise, please contact the band office by email or phone. That information is located at the top of this page and elsewhere throughout the packet.
The North Lincoln Band of Knights Marching Band is one of the largest and most visible student groups on campus. The ensemble is a competitive unit that provides students the opportunity to learn and perform a highly artistic show, perform for thousands of people over the course of the season, and to travel extensively throughout North Carolina and the southeastern United States. Members are held to high standards academically and receive encouragement and support to maintain those standards. Each fall, the Band of Knights learns a customized competitive show that explores various topics and subjects. The band focuses on student leadership and teamwork efforts in order to produce quality performances. Parents and friends of the Band of Knights are encouraged to get involved and help out! The Band of Knights meets entirely after school, and members must meet certain criteria for membership.

The Band of Knights is the largest student group on campus, and thus is held to high standards both academically and personally. Qualifications are as follows:
All students must maintain passing grades in all of their classes in order to be eligible to participate, and must maintain a B average or higher in their band class.
Winds and percussion students must be enrolled in a band class in order to participate. While it is highly encouraged to be enrolled in both semesters of concert bands, students who enroll in one semester should enroll in the spring semester. Please speak with Mr. Still regarding scheduling issues.
Color Guard students must be enrolled in Music Specialization (Guard Class) in the fall unless they have prior approval from Mr. Still and the color guard staff to not enroll. This is handled on a case-by-case basis and is very rare.

***NEW FOR 2020*** DUE TO THE COVID-19 pandemic, all spring training activities will be conducted online through instructional videos and Google Classroom. Once a student is registered for the Band of Knights, staff members and student leadership will provide information regarding spring/summer trainings, music, equipment and other things.

Summer Rehearsals
Summer rehearsals are necessary due to the school schedule and the amount of training/conditioning involved in this activity. Band Camp is the most important time of the marching band season. It is three intense weeks where students focus almost entirely on learning the competition show. Full Band camp is the most critical of all weeks; exceptions to this week are made sparingly and are based on musicianship skills and circumstances. Each section will conduct “sectionals” throughout the summer months. These meetings are not mandatory, but if you’re in town and available, they can be a great tool to improve and hang out with friends! Student leaders will contact you regarding sectionals and must give at least a week’s notice as well as arrange for adult supervision.

The competitive marching arts can be an expensive activity. Almost everything is custom designed to fit our band’s size, instrumentation, and experience. We must provide music, drill, choreography, bus transportation, marching competition entry fees, color guard uniforms and equipment, marching uniform care and maintenance, and hire instructional staff in order to share in a season of success and positive experiences. For what we do (and we are competitive!) NORTH LINCOLN IS ONE OF THE CHEAPEST AROUND! Many Charlotte-area schools charge anywhere from $600-$1000 to do marching band. We strive to keep this number as low as possible. We accomplish this feat by fundraisers and community donations. The fee this year for all students will be $355. Students are also responsible for their shoes (@$35) and their gloves (a one-time fee of $10) if needed. All members will be charged a separate travel fee (usually ranging from $100 - $200). This fee will be announced towards the end of band camp once we have quotes from hotels and buses (some years we may do one overnight trip, as well as our general fleet for other shows – activity/charter buses and band trucks).

Breakdown of Marching Band Fees
Instruction & Music/Drill - $355 (includes $5 Band Booster Membership for parents/guardians)
Travel Fee - $100-$200 (TBD)
Hornline/color guard Gloves - $10 (if needed)
Marching/color guard shoes - $35 (if needed)

In order to help our families pay their marching dues and to ease the burden of paying a large lump sum, we ask for the money to be paid following the payment schedule below.

$100 non-refundable due with application packet on last day of Spring Training
$135 due first week of July (please mail to P.O Box or school or pay online through band website)
$120 due Friday of full week of camp
Travel fee will be due by Preview Show ***travel fee is not offset by financial aid***
Gloves and Shoe fees are due at band camp at time of order.

*** The band boosters offer financial aid to those students/families who demonstrate need. Please contact Mr. Still or a treasurer for the appropriate form. Only Mr. Still and our student account treasurer will know about financial aid information (per the NLBB bylaws). Only families who have filled out the appropriate form will be offered financial aid. WE WILL NOT TURN AWAY ANY STUDENT FOR FINANCIAL REASONS!!! We just ask that all families pitch in where they can so we can all grow and learn together!

***We realize the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives… PLEASE reach out to Mr. Still if band fees may be a burden due to the coronavirus. We will figure it out!

As the marching band meets entirely after school, attendance is critical to the success of the group. Attendance is taken at all rehearsals and performances, as these events are required as stated on the schedule. Students who demonstrate excessive tardiness and/or absences may not be eligible to participate in performances, travel with the group, or may have their membership revoked without refunds of marching fees. While families are asked to schedule doctor’s appointments around marching band events, students who do need to miss rehearsals and/or performances should consult with the director in order for it to be excused. Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis. It’s very simple: one student missing a rehearsal or performance negatively affects the entire group. That’s the fact. Please do your best to work around the band schedule so we all can enjoy great experiences!

How do I sign up?
In order to be included in the 2020 North Lincoln Band of Knights Marching Band, each student—new and returning—must complete the attached forms and either submit them to the BLUE BOX by the band office, fax it to the school, or submit its contents through our online portal. A check for the $100 deposit* should be mailed in or families may go to the band’s website and pay through PayPal. *This fee will not be refundable as we use that money to plan for the season based on student numbers. Students/families with a credit in their band account can have this deposit deducted by indicating so on the form. The $100 will be used toward the overall marching band assessment. Because our music and drill is custom written for our band, we must know exact numbers by June 1. Students who enroll after June 1 are not guaranteed a position.

Final Thoughts
Because the success of a group such as the Band of Knights is contingent upon participation from everyone involved, it is crucial that students be at ALL rehearsals and performances. If you see a serious conflict with any of the aforementioned dates, please let me know in writing as soon as possible. Many circumstances—including doctor appointments—can be adjusted now in order to avoid hindering the progress of this wonderful group of students!


Kevin M. Still Mitchell J. Stokes
Director Assistant Director
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