(Survey completed) DON'T GET FIRED
ATTENTION: Thank you for checking the survey. The bachelor thesis has been completed and the entries will no longer be used for it. However, the survey will remain open to use the data for future game development.
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How often do you play games where player choice affects the story? *
How important do you think is the diversity of available decisions in games with choice? *
I.e. not only good/bad choices, but various middle ground "grey" choices
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Don't get fired - your experience
Were the decisions that you have made in the game similar to those you would actually make in that situation? *
How much freedom do you feel you had making important decisions? *
No freedom at all
Complete freedom
If you were to play the game again, what would be your primary reason to do so? *
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Thank you. Before you are done, there are a few more questions.
The game you have played actually has 2 versions: 1 version where choices are extremely limited, and one where there is a lot of choices that affect your progression. Which of these do you think you have just played? *
In relation to above question, did any particular situation make you feel that way?
Would you play the game again to see the differences between the versions? *
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