2018 MS Survey
Please answer these questions as honest as possible to make this program better. Take your time. Think then answer. I make a lot of decisions based on these answers.
1 - Who are you? First Name, Last Initial only
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2 - When is your technology day? *
3 - Do you enjoy using technology like computers / tablets? *
4 - If you had to guess right now, what JOB do you think you will have in the future? *
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5 - Do you feel there is an adult at CRHS that you could talk to if you had a major problem? *
6 - Do you feel that you have a good friend at CRHS that would be there for you in a tough time? *
7 - Do you want to as a class video chat with classes around the world this year? Maybe even virtual field trips to wild places? *
8 - Do you enjoy Minecraft and games in learning? *
9 - Do you want to learn how to CODE for robots, games and basic future life devices? *
10 - What was your favourite class from last year? (Example: Music, English, Art, French, Tech....) *
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11 - How many hours in a normal DAY do you think you look at a screen? (Phone, tv, computer...add it all up) *
12 - How many hours in a normal DAY would you say you are physically active (walking fast, hiking, swimming, playing sports, out in the woods etc...) *
13 - School clubs/teams (Choose one) *
14 - What are your 2 most favourite things or things to do? (Example: Hockey, Video Games, Riding Horses) *
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15 - Can you think of 2 things all teachers can do in all classes to make you more interested in their programs?
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16 - Describe Albert County. What makes it special? *
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17 - What makes a good teacher for you? *
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18 - Do you feel SAFE at CRHS and coming and going from CRHS every day? *
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