2022 Pro Arte Alphen Park Audition Booking
PLEASE NOTE! The current placement audition session has ended. To be placed on the waiting list for the next placement audition cycle, complete the form below and a date will be communicated to you as soon as it has been determined.

This is the only official way of booking a placement audition for a learner a Pro Arte Alphen Park for 2022.

Do not complete this form MORE THAN ONCE FOR ONE DAY. Only one audition for one focus area per day can be accommodated and no double bookings will be allowed.

Make sure that all the information you have provided is correct (especially email addresses). The school will not be held liable for erroneous information which leads to a learner not being offered a placement audition slot.
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School of Specialisation (SoS) Status *
I am aware that Pro Arte Alphen Park is a School of Specialisation. As such admission to Pro Arte Alphen Park depends on a successful placement audition and is not automatic and may not be guaranteed.
GDE Alternate Registration *
Parents/Guardians must apply at alternate schools in their area (at least 3 different schools) as admission to Pro Arte Alphen Park is not guaranteed. Please list the three school at which you have applied for your child (or intend to apply).
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