Quiz yourself! How many evidence-based teaching strategies do you know?
This is no-stakes, so try your best! Once you respond, you'll receive feedback and resources to learn more. Congrats on boosting your learning with retrieval practice about retrieval practice!
What is a Brain Dump (also called free recall)?
Brain Dumps are a simple, straightforward strategy for retrieval practice.
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What is the Two Things strategy?
Two Things is a great strategy for combining spacing and retrieval practice.
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What is one way to incorporate MORE retrieval, spacing, or interleaving into think-pair-share?
Think-pair-share is an engaging teaching strategy, but let's ensure students are learning, too!
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What is Retrieve-Taking?
Hint: Retrieve-Taking is a spin on note-taking.
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What is Metacognition Line Up?
Metacognition Line Up is a quick, flexible strategy that gets students up and moving.
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What is one evidence-based teaching strategy YOU use in your classroom?
Share your strategy and we might feature you in an upcoming update to thousands of teachers! You'll also be invited to a private webinar this fall!
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If you would like us to feature you and your strategy in a future update, please list your first name, last name, and email address.
Email us at ask@retrievalpractice.org if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing!
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