Willow Springs Division A Science Olympiad 2017-18 - Interest Form
Third, fourth, and fifth graders can compete in Division A Science Olympiad. Fifth graders who are competing in Div. B will not be allowed to compete in Div. A.

Our school can send up to 45 students and they can compete in teams of two, three or five (depending on the events) in various events. Depending on the total number of participants one to three teams will be allowed per event.


Rules will be released in early January.


• April 21, 2018: BASIS McLean Regional (Fairfax)
• April 28, 2018: Mercer Middle School Regional (Loudoun)

Please do not sign up if you are not available on these dates. We will be allowed to compete in ONLY one of these Regionals. We will be assigned one on first come first served basis and hence it is important that you are available on both days.


This year students can pick and choose from 10 written/test events, 8 building events, and 3 multiple student events.

Written/test based events - 1-2 students in a team and 3 teams per school. Div. A is a preparation for a highly challenging and competitive Div. B (middle school event) and hence it tries to mirror Div. B as much as possible. So certain events might be difficult. Success in those events hugely depends on the student's interest level.

Building events - 2 students in a team. The number of teams per school depends on the total number of participants from that school. Students are required to build on the spot.

Multiple Student Events - 3-5 students per team and 2 teams per school. Bigger team, more fun, and just as challenging as the other two.

Please check out this year's events here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nmX48CLENRpKsWwigEDuBYlpdcRwyYzV/view?usp=sharing

The first 45 students to sign up will represent our school.

If you would like to have more information, please send your queries to wssciolympiad@gmail.com.

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If you are selected to represent Willow Springs Elementary School, you agree to compete in events as asked by your coach. Your choices will be given due consideration before allotting events. You also agree to abide by the rules set by Science Olympiad and most importantly by Willow Springs Elementary School. Please type your Full Name if you agree to what is asked of you. *
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Science Olympiad is run entirely by volunteers. Each school is required to have a minimum number of adult volunteers at the competition, barring which the team will not be allowed to compete.
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Registration Fee, T-shirt, Study Materials & Lunch (if we decide to buy it as a group and share it). It might be $35 - 45 per student. This is just an estimate. You might end up paying slightly less/more than this. An expenses spreadsheet will be shared with all once the team is finalized and the amount spent will be shared by the participants. Are you willing to pay your share of the expenses?
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